A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is an entry for the Pizza Jam 3 (July 2018).

The theme was :

"Use the title of one of these games on this list to inspire your game.
Ignore what the actual game is about. Base it entirely on the name! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ZX_Spectrum_games"

I chose "F1 Tornado" from the list of games.

And I created a crazy game about a tornado made of old F1 cars.


A tornado has been created in an old F1 museum and is going to destroy the city !!!

You control the F1 Tornado, you have 60 seconds to destroy the city as much as you can !

(The game has no sound, I didn't have time to make a music)

Scoring system

Hit something with the F1 Tornado to get points, the goal is to get the highest score.

  • House = 10 000 points
  • F1 Car = 1 000 points
  • Truck = 200 points
  • Small Car = 100 points
  • Tree = 50 points
  • Barrier = 10


  • Move : WASD or ZQSD (both works)
  • Camera : Mouse

Things used

  • Engine : Unity
  • Font : Fedoka One (Link)

Install instructions

Download the game

Extract it from the archive

Run the file called "F1 Tornado"


F1_Tornado_(Windows).zip 17 MB
F1_Tornado_(Linux).zip 35 MB


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Amazing, got the score of 311940, think you can beat me?

Thanks !

My high score is 330 510, think you can beat me ?