A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game is my entry for the GMTK Jam (September 2018).

The theme was "genre without mechanic" so I decided to make a fishing game without a fishing rod.


You are a fisherman, but you forgot your trusty fishing rod !

Fortunately you have your handgun and fishes can't dodge bullets !

And a gun shop is near for you to buy guns !


  • Move Left : A or Q   (for QWERTY/AZERTY compatibility)
  • Move Right : D
  • Aim : Mouse
  • Shoot : Mouse Left Click
  • Return/Quit : Escape
  • Open the shop : R   (when you're in front of the shop)


Shoot to kill fishes and get money, with more money you can buy better guns to kill even more fishes and get even more money !

You can also buy the end of the game ! I wonder how the shopkeeper got it.

Things used

Install instructions

Download the game

Extract it from the archive

Run the file called "Fisherman's Carnage"


Fisherman's_Carnage_(Windows).zip 15 MB
Fisherman's_Carnage_(Mac).zip 17 MB
Fisherman's_Carnage_(Linux).zip 28 MB

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