A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Grand Theft Audio 3 is my entry for the Demake Jam (August 2018).

This game is obviously a demake of Grand Theft Auto 3, made by Rockstar in 2001.

It was a way too ambitious to demake this game alone, but I managed to do most of the things I wanted to do. I would say 90% of the time I spent was to recreate the map.

Note : The game has no sound, that's why I called it Grand Theft Audio.

Note 2 : The game uses no texture, only colors and low poly shapes.


- When you start the game, in the first mission, you need to go to the Hideout. It's on the left side of the map.

Tip : Look in the sky for the blue ray if you need help, this is the place you need to go.

- Then you can search for Hidden Packages. They are at the same place as the original game, except for the ones that are located in places I didn't have time to finish. In that case the package is near the location, or I didn't put the package at all.

Tip : You can easily find guides on internet to find every package in the game.


  • Quit the game : Escape

- On foot

  • Move : WASD or ZQSD (both works)
  • Jump : Space
  • Enter in a car : F
  • Camera : Move the mouse

- In a car

  • Accelerate : W or Z
  • Go back : S
  • Go Left : A or Q
  • Go Right : D
  • Get out of the car : F
  • Look at the Left side : Left clic (mouse)
  • Look at the Right side : Right clic (mouse)

Things used

Bonus - Source code

Now the source code of this game is available on GitHub !

You are free to do whatever you want with it as long as you respect the MIT License.

And be aware that it's a game made in a game jam, so the code is not optimized and it's pretty messy overall.

You can download it here : https://github.com/Roucasse/Grand-Theft-Audio-3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Open World, Unity
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


Grand_Theft_Audio_3_(Windows).zip 26 MB
Grand_Theft_Audio_3_(Mac).zip 27 MB
Grand_Theft_Audio_3_(Linux).zip 39 MB


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can you maybe finish the game it would be very cool

I wanted to finish it at first, but I don't really have time now.

Also the way I made everything in the game is pretty bad and not optimized, so I'll have to make everything again if I want it to be good.

ok :)

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прив ты есть в вк?

Its like gta


will my car be obliterated when I go to saint mark's?


There is no Saint Mark's in this game (didn't have time to make it), but if you want to see a cool trick with cars, try to put a car upside down and try to jump on one of the wheels



Nice video !

It's always fun to see people's reaction to all the bugs and glitches of the game.

For the sun script I know how to do it but I just didn't had time to put it in the game if I remember correctly. I made the game in 11 days so I had to skip a lot of things to "finish" the game before the end of the game jam .

Thanks for playing !

Nice work on this demake, are you dev further?


Thanks ! I'm planning on doing an update to finish the map and improve the vehicle physics.

Nice one, I'm planning a video of your current video and hoping for a cop stories GTA one day


you know i got gta iv frome here

i love your game! its like gta vice city but its vice city 2 hahaha right?


is the real gta?

No. As said in the game's page this is a demake I made during a game jam called the Demake Jam.

Nice recreation of Portland! It puts into perspective how much effort the modellers at Rockstar put into the game's city and the time they need. Of course you didn't finish the map - that's fine - exploring the city for a while was still decent, despite how horribly the Perennial handles in this demake (and how often getting into a car glitched). Really loved the aesthetics nonetheless!

Thanks !

Yeah I didn't have time to finish the map. I really want to finish it when I'll get some free time.

And yes the car physic is horrible in this game since I never made cars before. That's something I also want improve in an update.

You actually plan to finish the map? That's ambitious! I'd advise against it though until you've improved the car handling, honestly. That way people can enjoy driving around the roads of the map that are already there. Maybe ramp up the acceleration/brakes, gravity... then again, I tried Unity once and was never able to get the hang of typing actual code.

I'll not finish the entire map, but just finish Portland, there are a lot of unfinished areas in my demake.

I now have a bit more experience with car physics thanks to other side projects. I think the main things I need to do is lower the center of gravity with a few tweaks on the car's acceleration, and make the wheels less slippery.

I think when I'll have a bit more free time I'll fix everything and finish the map in a big update, to at least have a fun and playable demake.

Hey! So I played the game again, spending about an hour to get 27 hidden packages. Had to look up a guide for the 28th one :P Very dissapointed there's no congratulation, but I can understand, it's still unfinished. I'll say, this really keeps what GTA III was to me, since I often just hunt for hidden packages while putting other music in the background. It's a relaxing way to spend the time back then - doing it in this demake was stressful though since I'm a lot busier now ahaha. Good demake! Definitely will await that update, with better car physics.

pic related

was only able to launch and play once, after hitting esc to quit i came back later to play and it black screens after the roucasse game screen. on linux using the 86_64 launcher

I tried a few times the x86_64 launcher and I didn't have this problem (I'm on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS).

I also tried the x86 launcher and this time I had a black screen problem (I should stop uploading x86 launcher on Linux, it never worked).

What Linux distribution are you using ? And are you sure you didn't launch the x86 launcher by accident (it happened to me) ?

I'm on ubuntu 16.04 and i use xfce, I was able to fix the issue by rebooting my pc and reinstalling the game, have only had the issue two times since the first time I've commented and rebooting my pc fixes it everytime without the need of a reinstall. This game is a really fun demake, cars don't work but the character basically super jumps so it's not a problem lol. Thanks for replying, nice to see that you're willing to help people unlike other comment sections I've seen on here.

Glad you found a solution to this problem !

Thanks ! I've been thinking about correcting the game and finishing it, especially car physics (which is horrible). When I'll have more time I think I'll work on that.

No problem. I'm always happy to help. I want everyone to play my games in the best conditions.