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Piku3D is a game created for the Potat0s Demake/Remake Jam (April 2020).


This is a 3D fangame of Pikuniku.
I recreated the cave and the mountain at the end.
Jump on plateforms, bounce on mushrooms and kick the breackable walls to escape the cave.


  • Move : WASD or ZQSD (both works)
  • Jump : Space
  • Kick : Left clic (or Left Ctrl, or AltGr)
  • Main menu : Escape


  • The game have no sounds and no music.
  • The cave is really dark and the outside is really bright.
  • The kick is a bit weird to use, the thing you are aiming at need to be exactly at the center of the screen (like when you aim in a first person shooter).
  •  If you jump into an edge from under, the player might "shake".
  • The jump is weird, if you hit a ceiling the player will stay in the air a little bit, like nothing happed instead of bouncing back.


I chose to "remake" Pikuniku in 3D with a first person view.


Original game : Pikuniku
Original game developed by Sectordub.
Original game published by Devolver Digital.

Engine : Unity
Font : Roboto

This game is a fangame, I created it for fun.

Install instructions

Download the game

Uncompress the .zip file

Run the file called "Piku3D"


Piku3D_(Windows).zip 19 MB
Piku3D_(Linux).zip 25 MB
Piku3D_(Mac).zip 22 MB

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