A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game is my entry for the Pizza Jam 4 (October 2018).


"Make a game based on one of the 7 deadly sins"

I chose "Gluttony", "Sloth" and "Greed" from the list of sins.


You are an explorer and you found the Temple of Sins !

As you entered the temple, a voice coming from a hole in the ceiling started talking to you. Maybe this voice can help you...

Explore the temple and complete the challenges to get the treasure !

Note : The game has no sounds.


  • Move : WASD or ZQSD (both works)
  • Camera : Mouse
  • Jump : Space
  • Run : Shift
  • Menu/Quit : Escape

Things used

  • Engine : Unity (Link)
  • Font : Bree Serif (Link)

Install instructions

Download the game

Extract it from the archive

Run the file called "Sinners Explorers"


Sinners_Explorers_(Windows).zip 19 MB
Sinners_Explorers_(Mac).zip 21 MB
Sinners_Explorers_(Linux).zip 33 MB

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