Find all ingredients to make pancakes, but you're a super small cook in a big house.

Super Small Cook is a game created for the Mix and Game Jam 2020 (November 2020).

/!\ The web version is laggy and have some problems, download the game for an optimal cooking experience /!\

The theme was "Mixing genres".
So I decided to do a weird mix with "cooking game + first person platformer".


You are a world famous cook known for your amazing pancakes, but you have a little problem, you're super small, which makes it hard to find your ingredients.

Explore your house to find all ingredients to make pancakes and overcome the challenges that your little size create.

The game has no sounds, and it's really unfinished and unpolished.
I didn't made the 3D assets, the map and the character controller.
I started a few hours before the deadline so I used assets and I didn't had time to do everything I wanted.


  • You can double jump.
  • Press the jump button longer to jump higher.
  • To check your progress, go back in the kitchen and see which objects are present/missing.
  • All objects should be easy to find, but just in case, search everywhere, in every rooms and outside.


  • Move : WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump : Space (press twice for a double jump) (press longer to jump higher)
  • Sprint : Left Shift (maintain)
  • Crouch : C
  • Main menu : Escape


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, cook, First-Person, Low-poly, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Super Small Cook (Windows x86_64).zip 29 MB
Super Small Cook (Linux).zip 32 MB
Super Small (Mac).zip 29 MB


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It was good actually! It was hard but fun at the same time. I was expecting this game to be longer lol. But its good, great job

Thanks !

No problem😁




game:congrats u beat it

meh: :> smol bean proud

Jajaja, gran juego, pero me hubiera gustado ser un poco más grande ... ¡pero gran juego 100000001 me encantó! sigue haciendo un buen trabajo, aunque no me gusta sacar mi cuchara de la carretilla, jajaja, que tengas un buen día - That Gothic Kid

Hmmmmmm i wonder if I could be small in real life!

XD five star review coming towards this game!

I love it!

Thanks !

Hmmmm quand même j'aurais aimé plus de fantaisie et/ou de challenge pour les lieux où se trouvent les objets (Sauf pour le frigo qui était exactement dans le ton, justement). Mais bon comme d'habitude c'est très probablement un manque de temps.

Sinon l'environnement est chouette et si je n'ai pas trouvé de secrets ou détails à me mettre sous la dent, j'aime bien l'agencement de certains objets (Tiroirs, boîte à pizza, etc.) pour évoluer dans le tout.

J'ai fait le jeu en quelques heures avant la fin de la game jam, donc oui c'est à cause du manque de temps. J'aurais bien aimé mettre plus de challenge comme pour le frigo.

Content que t'ai aimé les tiroirs et les boîte à pizza dans le niveau parce que c'est le seul truc que j'ai fait haha. En fait la map c'est la demo scene du pack d'assets que j'ai utilisé, donc tout était déjà placé, j'ai juste fait un jeu autour et placé quelques trucs pour que ça soit plus simple pour la navigation. Niveau easter egg il y en a quelques uns placés par Synty (ceux qui ont fait le pack et la map) mais j'ai rien placé de spécial si je me souviens bien.

This game: basically, im very smol

Honestly, this was a lot of fun and very cute :) I feel like it would've been better with some background music and jump/move sounds (you can find plenty for free online). Also the platforming felt way too easy. But all in all, I had a good time :)

Thanks !

Yeah it would have been way better with sounds and music, but it's a game jam game and I started the game a few hours before the deadline, so I didn't have a lot of time to put everything I wanted.

For the platforming I've heard some people saying it's hard, and some saying it's easy, so I don't really know, maybe you're too good at the game haha.

I can only play in web browser, which had problems, including that the jump would just stop working often. but it was still fun! great game! and mine is not

Thanks !

Yeah the web version have some problems, the downloadable version is better.


Oh boy did I misread that name


That was totally on purpose haha.

Hiii! I played this game and it was really fun. I like the art style and wish there was music or something but i still enjoyed it a lot. It would help if you could check out my youtube channel and possibly subscribe!! Thank you

Thanks ! Nice video.

😂😂 nice